Static Website

Static is meant by the one that is not changed. It is the website that is delivered to the user exactly the way in which it is stored. Static Website delivers information without any bells and whistles. They are easy to develop, economical to develop and cheap to host. They provide information in HTML language and information written in it cannot be changed except change can be advocated only after change in source page.

At Ambities Enterprises we create professional Static Website according the client's need. Our trained professionals offers many services, still the static designing part is feather in our cap. Static Website Design can be in the form of company's information about the product or any information about any person.

Because of economical rate, easy in development and it requires much of less script. Static Web site are in great demand as they are used for communicating accurate information in a given time period. A user gets the complete idea about what you're trying to tell / sell through your website. Customers will always have positive approach when they have complete knowledge.

Dynamic Website

A web page that changes its look / behaviour as per the user input or the computer program is said to be Dynamic. Each time you visit the page, you would see varied contents. The criteria of content change may differ with time or according to the end users who use that site.

Two types of dynamic web pages exist on present day. First one with respect to client side scripting that generates client side content at the user end and second one with respect to server side scripting that consist of those web pages that vary when the web page is loaded or visited like that of shopping carts, submission forms etc.

With dynamic web site you can update the information frequently. At Ambities Enterprises, our team of web development is proficient in the Dynamic website designing services as required by the client. We have mastered the art of creating variety of dynamic designs for your web site.

We at Ambities Enterprises realized that, it is the effective web design that appeals to our client. Our entire efforts are directed as per the guidelines given by the client and create the things as per his understandings and wave length. In today's world of cut throat competition, it is desirable for large scale business corporate to go for Dynamic web site designing as your web site is the mirror image of your enterprise. It explains your company's goal and its very reason for its existence. A very well designed web site not only acts as your ambassador in the web world but also provides you positive response to your business.

Ambities Enterprises provides you with best dynamic web site at the most economical cost. Dynamic Website is the need of the hour and if your company has much information, events or press release that it wants to share in public then dynamic website is the best option.

Corporate Website

To develop a good will instead of product sale of your company, your own corporate Website is a must. We not only make corporate web design, but strive to build one that pays for itself. Main goal of developing a corporate website is to make customers clear, what your company and its products are about. They will have good impression since they understand the reason of your basic existence.

Customer's perception matters a lot in this case, hence we primarily focus on website graphics, page layouts and colour combinations. We work hard to make it an integral part of your company. Considering the fact that, Corporate Logo is an sensitive part of corporate identity, the style and tone of our work for your website begins with your corporate identity and brand aesthetics.

We build your corporate portals by doing extensive research & the renewed industry knowledge what we've gained so far. It eventually attract prospective buyers, generate revenues, reduce customer service costs and attract new employees. In the end, most important thing is what makes you stand apart among all others. A good corporate design will not only expand your customer base but also win their loyalty.

Flash Website

Images speak more than words. A message can be conveyed accurately to the user through image than the words. This can be done by Flash technology. A Flash animation will be eye catchy and attract the visitor to get further information about your company. It includes various parts such as Flash Banners, Flash Intros, Flash Themes etc. etc.

Web pages created using Flash are dynamic, high in graphics and full of multimedia content. You must not only be a good designer but also an advanced Flash user to create something great. We have the best of best flash designers that can create flash intros, flash presentations as well as complete Flash based web sites that competes the best. You will get an affordable flash design for your website without without compromising its quality.

All this shouldn't come at the cost of time the web site takes to load. If it takes too much time to load then the user may leave website, which creates a negative impact on your customer. So before implementing Flash technology, one must have good knowledge of it. Hence, we give advice how to best utilize flash webs design on your site, as it has an impact on download time and search engine optimization as well.

CMS Website

Content Management System(CMS) is a computer program which allows various things like publishing, editing and changing the content on your web site. You can even maintain your website from the central interface. It allows you to edit or update your existing static site along with dated information easily even if you don't have any technical knowledge of HTML.

Many companies often find it difficult to update their content on web site regularly. Due to delays in the same, the customers perceive older information displayed through the web site. This is also the reason many companies are adopting CMS.

By using CMS, anyone can learn how to manage and maintain a world-class website. CMS has many remarkable features that help you realize your website's full potential. For your high quality websites, we have wide range of CMS development as well as customization services. to find out all features of CMS.

Content scheduling/expiration
Backup & Restore of the complete site
Database Driven Content
Meta Data Creation
Site Search
Printer Friendly page.
Tell a Friend
PDF version of the page
Site Map
Number of users online
Logging of search strings
Visitor's Browser type
Most viewed pages
Most searched words

100% browser-based
Template driven Web pages
Easily change look & feel
Allow user registration
Toggle Unauthorized Links
New Email User / Password.
Auth. & Pub.
Rich text WYSIWYG editing
Dynamic menus
Preview mode

E-Commerce Website

E commerce / Electronic commerce is a concept where you start expanding your business, products sales or service through internet.E-COMMERCE is normally related to sales aspect of e-business. The data exchange that helps in payments of e-transaction also come under the preview of E commerce.

Visitors must develop the interest in getting knowledge of products and services mentioned in the site. Our design must make the visitor stick to the site and enhance his/her positive approach towards the same. For such requirement, the right expertise and knowledge is needed.

We at Ambities Enterprises offer you an effective, stylish, secure, search engine friendly e-commerce website designs for your business/corporate need.

The E-Commerce website design aspect of the World Wide Web is growing rapidly and successfully we're at the forefront of this exciting field as the Internet is becoming an integral part of everybody's life; it is becoming more and more important for many businesses to offer customers the facility of purchasing online.

Our main goal behind developing your e-commerce web site is to enable easy surfing for the visitors. We can offer User registration on your website wherein the user need not re-enter his personal details to proceed for the transaction. This saves lot of time of user as he needs to just log in and do his online purchasing.

Easy payment gateways like Paypal, Paypal Pro, Authorize, Google check outs etc. are provided to you, for facilitating easy payments. We ensures you that your web site is hassle free and protected as every visit and transaction is recorded. To prevent any kind of malpractices and fraud, we keep you well informed about the transactions done.

Moreover we provide you the facility to manage your e-commerce website design on your own with online control panel & features like updating News, delete & modify the Buyer/sellers, adding products/updating details, managing product categories, changing categories of sellers/buyers and many more features so that you maintain your Website/Portal online yourself.

to see an e-commerce site features:

Customer account setup and management
E-Commerce Shopping Cart
Integrating Payment Gateway with your Website
Orders tracking & Traffic Statistics
Customize layouts
Content management
Create unlimited pages and layouts
Information flow to back-office systems

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is also known as Social SEO. It is the process where the main focus is to attract customers from the medium of social media. During website advertisement, Social Media marketing is most effective concern.

Social Media Marketing does not limit itself to marketing or brand building. Many business and companies like you have started integrating participation through social media. It includes Development of products or services, Recruitment of employees, Employee engagement and turnover, Brand building, Building good relationship with customer, Development of own business and more.

We at Ambities Enterprises integrates various platforms of Social media to advertise your company's goal, products, services and all other things necessary. We make sure, your services reaches into the hands of each and everyone. The platforms include leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ along with YouTube, WhatsApp etc. Along with these networks, all the upcoming social platforms will be included in the package.

Political Social Media Campaigns

Whether you are a small emerging party or a big nationalized one, whichever is the case, one thing is very clear, your audience and supporters are online. ARE YOU? To reach them, to spread your message, you gotta step up into the web world. How it can be done? Social Media Campaigns is the best way you will find today. Social media campaigning allows a political party to make a single message or whole campaign that influences social points where users can like or share your message & drive it more into the society to get more audience. Every like or share duplicates the number of audience you will have resulting into multiple lead generation.

Over the last several years, there has been an explosion of growth in popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and many others. It's safe to say that the era of social media is just getting started, and the need for social media in business will only become stronger over time.

Points to take care while doing Social Media Campagins: - 1. Setting the goal. 2. Concentrating on essential metrics. 3. Selecting the appropriate channels. 4. Evaluating & Repeating the work.

We can say, conducting a Social Media Campagin, is the process of using commercial marketing techniques to improve social problems. Many people think, Why to do it? It helps to reach your target audience & most important, IT WORKS! Social Media Campaigns can be done in three venues: - 1. On your website (your blog, your application, your website). 2. On your social network (your Facebook page, Twitter page, G+ page, LinkedIn page). 3. On the social sphere (LinkedIn groups, Q&A sites, other blogs).

If Facebook was a country it would be the World's 3rd largest populated country(after China & India) & twice the size of U.S. Population. On today's date, there are at least: -

1. 700 million people on Facebook,

2. 343 million on Google+,

3. 288 million on Twitter,

4. 200 million LinkedIn &

5. 48.7 million on Pinterest.

This is the number of audience you will have if you start our social campaigns online. We at "Ambities Enterprises", integrates various platforms of Social media to run campaigns of your organization's goal, products, services & all other things necessary. We make sure, your services reaches into the hands of each & everyone. The platforms include leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Bloggers, Wikis along with YouTube, WhatsApp etc. Along with these networks, all the upcoming social platforms in future will be included in the packages.

Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays each and almost everyone is connected with internet. Getting recognized by top class search engines is a necessity of every business. Customers type their required keywords into search engine upon which, search engine displays list of pages to surf. To get your website on top of that list(Ranks), you must apply professional SEO services.

We at Ambities Enterprises, provide you such SEO services where we analyse & research over keywords to make your website unique in search engine listing and ultimately attracting traffic towards itself. We focus on deep and easy crawling of your website, which there by enables quick indexing. SEO services allows Search Engine to access the pages of your website very easily. Search engines get a detailed picture of your website with respect to your products and services offered that improves creditability and trust of your business in the eyes of the general public. With our planned and organized SEO process for your website, we aid your company to reap huge profits within affordable cost to company.

We have a team of professionals assigned for comprehensive SEO research and analysis. A good SEO ultimately result into enhancement of a good will for your company. With dedicated hard work from our side, we guarantee that, there will be an increment in your website hits. More the hits you will have, better you will stand amongst your competitors.

Miscellaneous Services

Do you wish to have reliable, affordable yet safe & secure domain name for your company website? then you are in good hands of Ambities Enterprises. We provide the facility of domain registration & maintenance. It is the process where a unique domain name is registered for your company which will be used to identify, contact or to interact with your company. Domain names that are finalized are provided with better efficiency and speed.

While selecting the right domain name for your company website, it should follow few necessary criteria. It should be easy to remember, short and sweet, gather instant traffic,favourable for search engines. We provide registration of domain names services for individuals, small businesses and big corporate firms. The services that are included in the domain name registration services by us are new Domain Names Registration, Domain Name Transfer, Whois Privacy , Domain security or locking.

We truly understand what backbone of Internet is. If you take our services, we guarantee you the reliability and availability of your online presence. So hurry and register your domain names and brand your business over the World Wide Web.

A type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. We at Ambities Enterprises make availability of such Web hosts are companies for you, that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by your company, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.

We provide best services and innovative computer technologies to our customers. Our focus is on developing and enhancing your IT infrastructure taking into consideration your business needs and constraints. We provide expert of hardware technologies to assist our customers according their needs. We give professional, hardware and software services in an affordable price.

Providing all time customer services from pre-sales support to on time and throughout post sales follow up. Professional approach to customer's IT needs. Our experts provide updated technologies to our customers according to current market research.

Our high level skilled and experienced professionals help us to provide you with an array of computer hardware and networking services. We are always with you to support advice and implement solutions personalized specially to your computer need. A well designed and maintained network system is a must for every PC owner. Our team does design your network that does not require anything. In case of hardware, we guarantee you for its long life since it is done on quality basis.

No matter what kind of surveillance system that might be, from an easy to set-up digital wireless camera system with no holes to drill to a complete 16 channel hard-wired surveillance system, that you can view on your new iPhone or BlackBerry, we have it all to meet all your CCTV needs!

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras once only found to monitor banks, casinos, airports, military installations and convenience stores are now made available to you at an affordable price. This means you can create property protection both indoors and outdoors like never before.

If you are looking to secure a small condo or apartment, a simple wireless camera might just do the trick. It will also save you the higher cost of installing a traditional surveillance system. But if you need the extra coverage, no worries - Home Security Store has you covered.

Our video surveillance category encompasses our unique step by step guide to build a surveillance system, video baby monitors, security cameras (bullet, dome, fake, IP, spy, and wireless), digital video recorders (DVRs), complete camera systems (equipped with night vision), CCTV monitors, accessories, and power supplies. Typically, a complete surveillance kit will be made up of a series of cameras connected (be that wired or wireless) to a DVR which records those images and in turn displays those images on a monitor.

In addition, most of our advanced DVRs are capable of being connecting to a network that can send your CCTV images to an outside internet ready computer or smart phone. In turn, such smart phone applications allow you to control your surveillance system from afar 24/7. Such DVRs are made by Lorex Technology, Lasertech, Atrix, and Digital Watchdog. Along with the same, we can provide you all the latest technology embedded CCTVs to get along with revolution.

Remember, the mere presence of video surveillance cameras can help prevent crime, from a residential home invasion to business vandalism. Furthermore, it can help obtain the evidence you need if a crime does actually happen. Video surveillance has been helpful in the conviction of many criminals. Often, if your cameras are positioned right, you can not only get a good image of a trespasser, but can even track his or her movement with different camera set-ups. Don't let the criminal have the upper hand. Allow us to build your surveillance system today and give us a chance to prove ourselves too.